Beijing TianyanRongzhi Software Co., Ltd. (a.k.a. TurnTech) was founded in 2001 in Beijing, China. The founders of the company have strong connections with China’s Ministry of Education and also maintain a very good relationship with many top universities in China.

Adhering to the “relying on education, service education” concept, TurnTechfocuses on teaching resources and scientific software & simulation software development and distribution, as well as providing professional services and technical supports to universities and research institutions.

TurnTech has extensive cooperation with manystate-level educational institutions, such as, China Educational Instrument & Equipment Corp, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, China Higher Education Press, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, etc.Turntech has developed an efficient system with them in product development, consultation service, partner cooperation,resource sharing and network services.

Today,TurnTech has established solid distribution channels to more than 500 universities and colleges in China,and has 25% market share for distributing instructional software to Chinese colleges and universities. TurnTech is the most successful scientific softwaredistributor in China market today that is not controlled by the government.

TurnTech owns four website platforms:, and

Aiming at the further improvement of the efficiency & quality of domestic scientific research,and to align with international standards, China Science Software Network (CSSN) introduces a large number of scientific softwarefrom oversea. Today, CSSN has been officially authorized by hundreds of international well-known software companies and has the right to sell more than 500 kinds of scientific software. Meanwhile, CSSN has established long-term partnership with many top universities, research institutions and big companies.

China College & University Teaching Resource(CCTR)has accumulated over the years lots of teaching resources, providing professional service for more than 500 colleges and universities. The teaching resource libraryincludes variouscoursesyllabus,teaching plans, coursewares, test/exam database, reference materials, teaching cases and academic reports, collected from many colleges and universitiesin the country, covering almost all subjects. In 2009, CCTR establishedteaching material library by cooperating with universities and professional companies. By now, the library includes animations, videos, audios and images covering about 140,000 knowledge points.

SSSTUDY provides professional online training services and in-house training services for universities and educational institutions.SSSTUDY has a group of training instructorsforvarious subjects, most of them are professors of well-known universities. SSSTUDY is committed to bring out high-quality training courses and has established long-term partnership with many top universities and famous professors.